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Comment from James Walker
Posted by James Walker on September 9, 2015 at 4:56pm
"I got a grab from you a few weeks ago just and would
like to say that this thing is fantastic, wish I got one years ago,
ripped out 20m of conifer hedge 4m high today popped it onto
my lorry with no sweat. Cheers."

N. McKinnon
Comment from James Walker
Posted by James Walker on April 27, 2016 at 12:33pm
Freeman Garden Design and Maintenance Ltd

We've just had an Abiljo thumb fitted to our new JCB801-8 mini digger and can only describe it as a brilliant little gadget
We specialise in landscape gardening and garden maintenance, and I cant believe we've gone for so long with out one.
We had the thumb fitted by Abiljo at their workshops just over a week ago and so far it must have saved me what it cost already!
The first job we did was clearing some hedges, normally we would have taken our small tractor loader to clear up after ripping the hedges out, but with the thumb on we did everything with the JCB saving us time and fuel both in terms of the equipment we needed to shift to site and on the time to do the job.
We are now installing a rockery bank next to a small stream with rocks that weight anything up to 200kg which we would normally have unloaded and placed either by man handling or by slinging them off the digger, whereas with the thumb we unloaded all the rocks in a 10th of the time and are positioning them perfectly with no manual labour at all, this job alone will now take us less than half the time it would have done before

Adrian Freeman
Comment from James Walker
Posted by James Walker on April 11, 2017 at 10:52am
And your grab proves it's worth yet again, moving some very hefty logs just now. Earlier today I was shifting some stones weighing over half a ton with it. Yesterday I was moving a skip, a man cage and a bucket for a telehandler with it. Tomorrow I'll be harvesting seaweed off the beach with it. And last week I was moving compost at the local allotments with it… Really, I don't know how anybody manages without one! It's the best money I've ever spent on the digger, and it's in virtually daily use. I can't thank you enough!


Ivan Woolley

Comment from James Walker
Posted by James Walker on October 2, 2019 at 1:02pm
ANDREW DOWNS Multavex Vibra 10-15 screening bucket

Harsco Environmental

We as a company are always looking at ways to minimise our carbon foot print to protect
the environment and the world in which we live' '
we viewed this screening bucket on line and were interested in it from the start but needed
to trial one in the conditions we work'
I contacted James at Abiljo to ask a few details regarding the specifications and to arrange
an onsite demonstration.
James was brilliant and arrived with a demonstration bucket. This was attached to a Cat 316
machine and used in our metal recovery slag pits in the meting shop.
straight away we could see how good it would be for us and the different job applications
we could use it in.
we purchased one and the results although in early stages look good with 1 bay screened
producing 8 ton of reusable steel to go back to melt. Also, the screened dust to 20mm
instead of going to land fill has been used in and around site to repair roads and level other
areas up.
we have cut back on transport and landfill saving the company all round and reducing our
carbon foot Print.
I thank James for the demonstration and knowledge of the product and would highly
recommend James and Abijlo Plant'
Yours FaithfullY
A. Downs